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Verge3D Tutorial - Interactive Parametric Model - Part 1

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In this Verge3D Tutorial learn how to create a Parametric Interactive Model that will work in a configurator or other project. This five-part video series will cover modeling and shape key creation in Blender, creation of the HTML/CSS input fields, creation of slider controls, and a slider menu system in Verge3d.

This tutorial was created at the request of a Verge3D user Omrto from the Verge3d forums. Videos 2 through 5 are recorded live as I work through the process and work through the bugs and issues in real-time. Follow along and watch me go through the process of creating problems, fixing bugs, and getting this to work.

The Blender file and Verge3D project can be downloaded here:

As a designer/developer, you have choices in how you create and develop your applications. You have a wide range of software tools and skill sets to create amazing menus. In this tutorial, I provide an alternative method to using HTML/ CSS and create a menu completely in Blender and Verge3d. There are pros and cons to each and every approach to solve your needs. This approach is one that has also come up on the Verge3D forums. It answers the question of how to ensure the menu is locked to the camera. It goes over the creation of the shaders needed to make this work for alpha and non-alpha buttons. As well as how to set up and control slider inputs to function as a menu control without the need for HTML/CSS. You will have to decide if this method is the best choice for your situation. Most importantly, its just another tool in your toolbox.

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