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A little insight.

I am often asked about the services I provide and the costs for helping out on a project either as a consultant, freelancer or vendor.  First I am always happy to meet the community and make connections.  So always feel free to reach out. 

There are two options: Free or Professional services.

Free services - They are just that.  I don't expect any compensation recognition and will not ask for payment of any kind.  You can email me a question or ask on the Verge3D forum or Discord and I will do my best to answer.   


The free option has a few well-known restrictions:

  1. Free services are done when I have a free moment to help, not on a schedule or deadline.  

  2. I may elect to put the project/solution up on YouTube, Xeons3DLab and or reference it on other forums or social networks so no commercial, branded, trademarked or copywritten material please.

The paid option is for commercial and professional inquiries big and small.

Whether you need a consultant, producer, creative specialist, graphics artist, blender artist, Verge3D, front-end, back-end, or system developer, there is a solution.  All paid engagements are handled by Route 66 Digital, LLC.

Paid / Commercial / Professional Inquires:

Please use the contact form to start the process.



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