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About Xeon's 3D Lab

Just a fun spot to toss up my stuff and help those that I can along the way.

Xeon's 3D Lab is my playground and I hope you find what's here useful.    I find myself on the forums, discord, and other areas helping out where I can and I conduct a lot of experiments in the process of helping users that run into issues.

I am completely new to this tutorial video thing, so give me some time while I find a groove.

Special thanks to all the people that have spent countless hours creating tutorials that I have watched and still watch today:



About me.

My 3D experience in started with 3D Studio, then Alias|Wavefront, then MAYA, back to MAX, then back to MAYA...and now Blender.

Needless to say, I have been doing this for a very long time

It doesn't mean I am great at it or that I know everything.   It just means I am persistent and constantly learning and evolving.  Most of the time, those I am trying to help, teach me the most.


I get things wrong more frequently than I get right, at least initially but that's the frustrating and fun part, figuring out how it works.

My background is in engineering but my passion is in 3D. A hobby that has turned into a thriving business.  I am a digital producer, artist, and developer.  I lead teams to create interactives but also find myself in the weeds working on projects.


Hope to see you on the forums.

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