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How to fix Linear Rotation in Blender for Verge3D.

Updated: Mar 13

If you are a Blender and Verge3D user, you may have run into a situation where your linear rotation animations work in Blender but do not work in Verge3D. As much as thought this was a bug Soft8Soft states the following:

“Unfortunately this is not a bug, but a limitation of glTF format which can’t store Euler angles (only quaternions). Basically, the 0 and 360 rotation is the same, so the cube is motionless. To make it work you need to supply a couple of intermediate keyframes in-between." - Soft8Soft

Well if you ever tried to animate rotation using Quaternion (WXYZ) you will quickly want some other options. Like many of you I searched the forums and looked for answers but there was no example so I thought I would create this tutorial.

In this quick tutorial you will learn three Blender methods and one Verge3D method for solving the linear rotation issue that we can encounter.


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