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How to constrain shape key object movements in Verge3D

Updated: Mar 14

Verge3D Shape Key Constraints Title Image

This is a response to a request by Verge3D member Carloszr on the Verge3D forum. The original post is here. Its an interesting subject and one I will come back to at a later date to create a full tutorial on but for now this is a solution that needs refinement but gets the job done.

You can download the Verge3D project file and the Blender file here. If you are not a member, sign up for free and the project files are also free.

Description of the problem: When you have an object such as this simple table with a shelf that has to stay below the table top and you have a set of limits as to how far the shelf can move depending on how tall the table while the shelf and the table are controlled by shape keys. How do you do this?

Once you download the project, you will find there are three colored cubes allowing you to change the dimensions of the table in three directions. The shelf will also adapt based on the dimensions you select. Drag the shelf and you will find that depending on the height of the table the shelf has specific limits that it can be placed in. Dragging the table Z to decrease the size to the table will re-adjust the shelf to the next lower level based on the conditions of the of the ZCube drag over puzzle.

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